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us and our Mission


Coffee that cares for you, and the world...

Mi Mundo is not just a coffeehouse or specialty roaster, it's a personal movement and a way of life. We aspire to bring a habitat of love to individuals, to the community and the world one cuppa at a time, through our passion for coffee and helping people.


This drives everything we do, starting from the earth growing our food to the people serving:


  • We source sustainable, fair trade, organic beans that are amazing to drink!

  • Our practices are 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable, based on circular economic practices

  • 25% of our profits go to local/international charities, with the aim to become 100% non-profit

  • We reward our team members with above average benefits and proactive to hire people with disabilities

  • We prioritize providing the best coffeehouse experience for the community


We specialize in a Central/South American coffee house experience, stemming from Puerto Rican roots with a small Aussie flair. We source our fair trade organic beans  from Latin American regions and complement them with locally-sourced appetizers and baked goods. Our love for our planet and appreciation for the culture and countries from where our coffee beans come from inspires the plant-filled interior and lively ambience.

When you visit Mi Mundo, you are not just buying a great cup of coffee, you are getting an invigorating experience while making a difference by supporting our communities and the world. Our promise to you is to provide an amazing coffeehouse experience while transforming our world for the better, one cuppa at a time...

25% of net profits go to local and international charities

Our aim is to give back to those who support us and are in need. We prioritize sharing our profits with those in need. Currently, we donate 25%. Our goal is to become a non-profit in the future. We hope one day all coffee shop and businesses will join us, until then, we will serve as an example!

100% environmental/sustainable practices

We are environmental warriors! We source sustainable fair trade beans, utilize renewable energy to roast and brew, use biodegradable packaging and reuse/recycle as much waste as possible. We base all our activities on circular economy principles to make a positive impact for the environment.

Vested in our people and communities

People and our communities are why we are here! We provide above-average benefits to our team members, and are proactive to give opportunities to people with disabilities. We also aim to be involved in supporting local community events.

How we do good

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