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Our Coffee

We source green beans, which the owner roasts inside the Downtown Round Rock, TX location. You can't miss the aroma as you walk in! So, you can be certain you are getting the freshest, best quality coffee while knowing that it comes from ethical and sustainable sources.


That's how we do it in Mi Mundo!




All of our fair trade organic coffee beans are high quality Arabica beans born in Central/South America. These beans are shade-grown with no synthetic chemicals, which is better for the environment and the growers and their communities.




We roast in small batches to provide the freshest roast to you! Our roasting process is powered by solar and natural gas and fumes are filtered to minimize pollutants.




Espresso, Drip, Cold brew, Pour over... we got you covered ! Make a request and we will provide you expert brew.

We also offer our grinds to the community to use in their gardens and other projects, with the aim of repurposing it back into the ecosystem that literally feeds us.

The Beans!


Mexican Chiapas FTO

Light Roast

The Chiapas region is well known for its coffee and this organic origin represents them well. This is a light but well-balanced coffee, showing citrus/florals on the overtones in perfect harmony joined by nuts.

Cupping Notes: Citrus, floral, nuts. Light & well balanced



Dark Roast

This is an SHG EP grade coffee that comes from the "El Palto” cooperative located in the Amazonian Andes in northern Peru. Due to the weather & high altitude, this region contains allot of agricultural treasures, and above all, amazing coffee. Notes of dark chocolate accompanied by grapes & nuts. Heavier bodied  

Cupping Notes: Dark chocolate, grape, nut, dark balance


Honduras SHG FTO

Medium Roast

This bean comes from the Marcala region in La Paz, Honduras from the COMSA cooperative. Utilizing it clay soil and high altitudes, this bean is well balanced with hints of caramel, cinnamon and ends with a lemony zest.

Cupping Notes: Medium balance, complex cinnamon and lemons


Colombia Olima Planadas FTO

Medium Roast

From the Planadas region of Colombia, this washed Tolima is full of cleanliness throughout, with clear notes of cherry, slight herb characteristics, and a caramel sweetness that balances out this coffee beautifully.

Cupping Notes: Medium balance, smooth caramel, berry notes

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